I've given up on my career goals after having kids

Now I have two children, my life is no longer solely about fighting for the next rung on the career ladder.

The top wellness holiday destinations if relaxation is on your 2024 agenda

The top three locations for wellness holidays next year have been revealed.

Senior Living: It’s never to late to start on that bucket list

A friend and I were discussing the recent column I wrote about things I will never do again and others I have never done before, when she remarked, “that was a real wake-up call.” This took me by surprise and made me think. So here is a “wake-up” list for my contemporaries — ours is called the Silent Generation —­ but even more for the generations following ours, the Baby Boomers, Gen X, the Millennials. And for me, too. WAKE UP to travelling Go...

9 rules to be a truly happy and successful woman

Many women aspire to discover how to become happy and successful. It turns out there are 9 rules that can be considered principles of a self-satisfied and fulfilled life, according to Hack Spirit. Successful and happy women respect themselves and know their worth. Strong and successful women will not settle for anything they don't like. There's no ...

Elevate your morning routine for a brighter start to the day

Lifestyle expert Amanda Muse sets us up for success with easy ways to transform our morning routine.

10 time-saving gadgets that are actually fun to have in the kitchen

Lifestyle expert Shoana Jensen shares her favourite kitchen finds to help up your game — and save you time. "It's such a small thing, but it made such a huge difference."

Health and wellness, with a hint of sport

If you’ve jumped on the pickleball craze, it might be time to consider luxury condo living. As the paddle sport’s popularity grows, courts are trending as the newest amenity to be showcased in recent GTA developments. “Pickleball was a natural for us,” says Gary Eisen, co-founder and principal at Curated Properties, developer of 8 Temple at the west end of Toronto’s Liberty Village, where the forward-thinking outdoor court comes with spectacular...

Co-housing is a new way of thinking about being part of a community

Co-housing is a lifestyle that is gaining popularity. Residents own their units but share common facilities and resources. It creates a community where neighbours make decisions together and mingle over home-cooked dinners in the shared kitchen and comfortable common areas.

How to make the most of this London luxury hotspot whatever your budget

You can shop, eat and drink in style and still have money left at the end of the day.

5 Travel Outfits That Serve Main Character Energy At The Airport

This article was updated for clarity on October 25, 2023.Traveling is fun and all, but it can take a lot out of you. That's precisely why we enjoy dreaming up outfits that bring some much-needed glamour to a very unglamorous activity. Our favorite stage for main-character peacocking? The airport — aka a zone that's brimming with missed connections, meaningful glances, and mysterious strangers. Since we've already brought you practical roundups...

Ways to beat the winter blues

Wellness expert Sonia Jhas is uplifting us with her tips for brightening your mood and making the most of the winter months. Plus TMS and Air Miles brighten one lucky TMS viewer's day with an exciting surprise!

24 clever tips and hacks to beat jet lag

Here are 24 small actions you can take to reduce the intensity of your jet lag when travelling abroad.

TikTok’s 75 Hard Style Challenge Will Help You Nail Your Personal Style

While some might say that New Year’s resolutions are kind of bullshit, it’s undeniable that January is as good a time as any to reflect and set a few intentions for the year ahead. A staple on my annual list of goals is to finally hone in on my personal style and curate a wardrobe that feels timeless and undeniably me. This year is no different. Nailing down my personal style is but a purchase away, or at least, that’s what I tell myself. But...

3 design tips to elevate your living space

Home Décor YouTuber Alexandra Gater shows us how we can elevate our spaces at home with a few decor tips. "Any door that has a knob, customize it!"

How to make the most of ‘me-time’ this new year

More Brits are keen on a slower festive season - here is how to do it.

3 simple ideas for incorporating Spanish into your daily life

With multiple ways to learn, find something that suits your time, your level, and your budget Learning a language fast is really all about strategy. Whether you are taking a class or learning by yourself, you will need to actively find ways to practice the language. The advantage of studying a language is that there are dozens of ways you can incor...

60+ tips and tricks to transform your balcony

From alfresco dining areas and outdoor living rooms to peaceful green terraces, transform your elevated outside space with these beautiful balcony design ideas

How to Recreate the Latte Makeup TikTok Trend

Fall—it’s the season of knits, trench coats, boots, pumpkin spice lattes…and latte-inspired makeup? “Latte Makeup” is the latest trend to hit the beauty world. Just in time for fall, this warm, bronzed look is all over the internet, currently trending on TikTok with over 230 million views. Inspired by creator Rachel Rigler, this trend is a neutral, monochromatic look, made up of warm-toned colours using different shades of browns and creams. The...

Why end of winter is the perfect time to start a fitness journey: expert tips

Did you set a New Year's resolution to get fit in 2024? It's a common goal, and if you haven't quite kept up with it, that's okay. Winter is a fantastic time to find inspiration to kickstart your fitness journey. YouTuber Will Tennyson gives tips below to help you get started.

32 ways to travel smarter this year and beyond

Travelling in a more sustainable way doesn't have to be complicated – or break the bank. Read on to learn how you can still see the world while reducing your impact on it.

Interior design trends you’ll want to try in 2024

Ready to enhance your living space? Take a peek at these 8 expert trends and easy updates to build an ideal home.

Pops of personality

It’s time to bid ‘adieu’ to all-white kitchens and stainless-steel range hoods. Today’s luxury kitchens feature pops of personality, such as warm and welcoming colours, big windows that let in the sun, and matte and textured surfaces that create tactile experiences. “A growing trend in kitchens is a move away from utilitarian, neutral environments toward one that reflects individuality and a lived-in feel,” says Summer Kath, executive...

5 steps to follow when bringing plants indoors for the winter

Rachel Schoutsen gets essential tips on how to bring your outdoor plants inside to give them new life over the winter.

Minimum effort, maximum effect hacks to keep your resolutions on track

Plus three books to help you out if you need some motivation.

7 Small Tweaks That Made My Everyday Makeup Look 10x Better

All linked products are independently selected by our editors. If you purchase any of these products, we may earn a commission. It took me years to realize that I can’t wear as much makeup as the GRWM girlies. As someone with tiny eyes, thin lips, and dry skin that dulls under any pigment, I have to do ample skin prep, use hydrating makeup, and a light hand with foundation, blush, and bronzer. If you have more natural oils in your skin — first...

The luxury shopping experience

When it comes to shopping for luxury home goods, the path from pining to purchasing has undergone a significant transformation. It’s no longer click, add, buy (often on impulse!). The act of shopping has become an event. With more customers moving offline and in-store, the feeling is that consumers want more from the luxury shops they spend their money at. Reflecting on the pandemic era when online shopping took centre stage, it undeniably...

5 Warm-Weather Outfit Ideas For People Who Hate Summer Style

I’ll go right ahead and say it: I am not a summer fashion person. Growing up in Puerto Rico, warm-weather clothing made up my year-round wardrobe and I hated it all my life. But my disdain for stereotypical resortwear goes beyond my love of tailoring, textures like plaid and knits, and black clothing. I find that, often, summer styles are romanticized to levels I can’t quite wrap my head around. In fashion campaigns and cruise shows, the vibrant...

This Worldly Designer Transformed Her Toronto Condo Into a Warm, Playful Space

Agathe Corbet is the owner of Ama Studio and a multi-hyphenate designer, decorator and photographer. Originally hailing from France, she previously lived in Australia before calling Toronto’s east end home. Now, she operates her design studio in Leslieville and lives in Corktown. Read on to get inspired by Agathe’s warm, playful apartment and learn how […] The post This Worldly Designer Transformed Her Toronto Condo Into a Warm, Playful Space...

10 Backyard Landscaping Trends for the Perfect Summer Space

Being in nature is a mood enhancer — and you don’t have to go far to get there. With a few nips and tucks, even the smallest backyard is a candidate for something special. Maybe a tricked-out garden shed, zoned areas for entertaining, a simple hammock strung between trees. Or even some strategic container gardening. […] The post 10 Backyard Landscaping Trends for the Perfect Summer Space appeared first on HGTV Canada.

'Unmotivated and uninspired': The downside of quitting city life for the suburbs

'I really miss the vibe and energy of making things happen.'

Senior Living: Vacations are nice, but there’s no place like home

One of the most prevalent conversations among friends over coffee is where to live or spend winters in retirement. Most of us are in our 60s. Some have left the workforce, others are contemplating that move. As we live in Alberta, where winters are harsh, the talk often drifts west into British Columbia, where the ocean and wine country beckon. For some, moving permanently or becoming a snowbird isn’t just an exercise in different locations for...

The Colors That Suit You Are Set For Life — & Here’s How I Found Mine

“I want someone to tell me what to wear in the morning,” confessed Fleabag to the hot priest in the hit BBC comedy series. Since playing out for the first time on the small screen in 2019, this particular scene has stuck in my head for many reasons but mainly because of the embarrassing relatability of this sentence. I, too, hold this desire for anxiety-free predictability and stylistic simplicity in my everyday dressing. This is perhaps why I...

Luxury restaurant The Ivy launches loyalty scheme (and a rockstar cocktail menu to match)

Even celebs love a saving...

Build Your Fall Capsule Wardrobe With La Saison Sportive’s Luxurious Knits

If you’re looking for basics that don’t feel so, well, basic, allow us to add La Saison Sportive to your roster of sporty, quiet luxury brands. The minimalist boutique embodies slow fashion, focusing on crafting timeless and elegant knitwear. However, La Saison Sportive knits aren’t simply lush sweaters; the brand also produces sustainable merino wool silhouettes that are easy to take care of. These are luxe items designed to be worn every day,...

8 signs you're unique person who brightens others' lives

Good people usually don't wonder why others are drawn to them. They are much better and kinder than they think of themselves. And to the assurance of this, they usually wave it off and call it an exaggeration. What signs indicate that you are one of those rare individuals that everyone wants to be around, is being shared Psychologies. To attract pe...

10 Backyard Wellness Trends Perfect for Canadian Homes

As the winter doldrums melt away, it’s time to pack away your winter boots and dust off your patio furniture–but don’t stop there. This year, outdoor spaces are going well beyond simple dining sets and sectionals. Yardzen just released their top outdoor living trends, and they’re calling 2023 the year of backyard bliss. Read on […] The post 10 Backyard Wellness Trends Perfect for Canadian Homes appeared first on HGTV Canada.

8 mistakes that don't let you get proper rest on weekends

Saturday and Sunday fly by unnoticed, and you feel like you haven't really rested. The reason for this is improper time management and the inability to switch off and relax, according to Women on Topp. Trying to tackle all tasks at once The most common mistake is taking on too much. When the weekend arrives, it's very easy to get carried away and t...

12 Stylish Vancouver Content Creators to Follow

Style inspo from the city that supposedly has none.

Luxury watch designer shares insider tips for finding the perfect one

A luxury watch expert has revealed her top tips and tricks for investing in a high-end timepiece - detailing exactly which brands and designs will earn you the best return on your purchase.

18 Ways to Shop the Eclectic Grandpa Trend

In 2024, we're dressing like Mr. Rogers.

Gen Z and Millennials are choosing self-acceptance over self-improvement in 2024

We all see the different Ins/Outs trending on our social feeds, and this January it appears that resolutions and self-optimising are decidedly out, according to the popular dating app, Bumble. With this in mind, the women-first app has identified a new trend of ‘Betterment Burnout’ which particularly resonates with the Gen Z and Millennial generati...

10 Things a NOMI Residence Has That Your Big City Home Won’t

City living has its perks, but all the commotion and concrete can also be draining – leading many urban dwellers to seek out the tranquillity of the best resorts in Ontario for restful and rejuvenating getaways. But what if you could make the exclusive amenities, luxuries, and stunning surroundings of a wellness-focused resort your second […] The post 10 Things a NOMI Residence Has That Your Big City Home Won’t appeared first on HGTV Canada.

Supersized sofas and Shiv's wardrobe: Here's what Brits bought most in 2023

John Lewis’ annual How We Shop, Live and Look report has arrived.

An unhealthy lifestyle may land you in a nursing home - study

All lifestyle behaviors except for diet were independently linked to an increased risk of nursing home admission.

Livin' la dolce vita: Two-thirds of adult Brits want to 'be more Italian' in their approach to life by eating more fresh food and spending more time in the countryside

A poll of 2,000 adults found that 44 per cent want to emulate the way Italians take time to enjoy food while 31 per cent would like to spend more time in the countryside.

20 timeless decor ideas for any home

Flip through the gallery for 20 timeless decor ideas for any home, from finding the right furniture to tying your space together with the perfect scent.

5 Celeb-Approved Makeup Looks to Add to Your Fall Moodboard

From dreamy matte skin to kohl-rimmed eyes and sparkly lids, these are the beauty looks we’re most excited to recreate this season.

6 simple habits to help you feel happier every day

2024 is just beginning, meaning you still have time to make important decisions about what you want to achieve in the new year. It's common for us to set certain goals to become the best version of ourselves. The desire to improve is natural, but turning it into a source of pressure and stress is unnecessary. RBC-Ukraine shares six small habits tha...

Burnt out at 33, I left my marriage and job and moved to Ibiza

'I told my assistant I was going home as I wasn't feeling very well. I never went back.'

What to Wear Wednesday: Hot weather vacation packing essentials

Explore stress-free vacation fashion with expert tips from Natalie Sexton. She reveals some practical advice on packing essentials, incorporating versatile outfits, and optimizing your beachwear wardrobe. She also discusses TMS money-saver tips for efficient beauty essentials. Join us for a stylish getaway to elevate your vacation fashion game.