Many women aspire to discover how to become happy and successful. It turns out there are 9 rules that can be considered principles of a self-satisfied and fulfilled life, according to Hack Spirit.

Successful and happy women respect themselves and know their worth. Strong and successful women will not settle for anything they don't like. There's no need to compromise if you don't want to. Don't sacrifice yourself and your desires.

They take care of themselves and adhere to strict rules, encompassing body, skin, and health care. Successful women never sacrifice their rituals for trivialities. Morning stretches, an evening stroll, reading an interesting book, and relaxation – don't give up on what brings you joy and benefits.

They rely only on themselves. Successful and happy women never wait for someone to save them or solve their problems. They reach their goals without depending on support or patronage. Independence and the ability to take responsibility is what helps them soar high.

They choose quality over quantity, not just in clothing and footwear. Successful women don't waste time on relationships that don't bring joy. They focus on things that align with their passions, not just following trends. A successful woman doesn't accumulate clutter and doesn't engage in futile connections.

They invest in education and lifelong development. Women satisfied with themselves and aiming for heights never regret spending money and time on self-improvement, which directly correlates with their success.

They support and respect other women. Misogyny destroys everything good, so successful women never compete or belittle others of their gender. They understand that strength lies in unity.

They build strong relationships and keep those who don't respect their boundaries at a distance. Successful and happy women don't waste time socializing with everyone around. A few reliable friends are enough. This applies to personal life as well. A strong woman doesn't dissipate herself in intrigues and values strong relationships.

They guard their secrets. Successful women don't share all information about themselves. Some things should remain a secret. And they know for sure that certain things are better left untold.

They embrace their flaws. A happy woman won't blame herself for the way her personality or body is. She accepts herself as she is. And if something cannot be fixed, there's no point in blaming herself for it.

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