Fall—it’s the season of knits, trench coats, boots, pumpkin spice lattes…and latte-inspired makeup? “Latte Makeup” is the latest trend to hit the beauty world. Just in time for fall, this warm, bronzed look is all over the internet, currently trending on TikTok with over 230 million views.

Inspired by creator Rachel Rigler, this trend is a neutral, monochromatic look, made up of warm-toned colours using different shades of browns and creams. The darker colour palette makes it perfect for fall, and the glowy, milkiness of the look keeps it fresh and light, as we come off minimal makeup from the summer.

Celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Lori Harvey and Gigi Hadid have been trying out this coffee-toned look for red carpets, fashion shows and everyday wear.

What’s great about this trend is that it’s extremely adaptable to any type of skin tone. For fair, cool undertones, TikTok creator, @thestacychen, suggests using shades of brown that have a pink undertone, rather than a yellow or orange like many bronzers typically have. For darker undertones, TikTok creator @iamsabsali layers a slightly darker concealer to her cheekbones and forehead for added warmth to the face. She also uses more gold, caramel-toned highlights and bronzers.

The key elements of latte makeup include a creamy bronzer for the base, glowy highlight for a bright, dewy element, and brown eyeliner for a warm-toned eye look.

Below, five makeup products you can use for the perfect latte makeup.

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