2024 is just beginning, meaning you still have time to make important decisions about what you want to achieve in the new year. It's common for us to set certain goals to become the best version of ourselves. The desire to improve is natural, but turning it into a source of pressure and stress is unnecessary.

RBC-Ukraine shares six small habits that will help you feel happier every day, according to Psyhologies.

Remove something from your to-do list

"At the beginning of the year, accomplishing a large number of tasks can take the top spot on our priority list. Surprisingly, removing something from our to-do list can be the key to doing more," says health expert Anna Tomkins.

She notes that we often take on tasks and give them equal priority. Once we have to choose what will be removed from the list, we need to prioritize and allocate more time to genuinely important matters.

Talk to a stranger

Research has shown that engaging with strangers makes us happier and improves our mood. Despite the common belief that people may feel unwanted, most are open to random discussions.

As social beings, we need human interaction, and talking to strangers allows us to communicate with people differently than with our close ones. Most people respond positively to casual conversations.

Eat green vegetables

Many New Year's resolutions focus on restrictions. It's essential always to do less, not more. A great alternative is to eat more of the right foods instead of dieting or reducing your intake. Fill your plate with a pile of green vegetables, add colorful fruits and vegetables to each meal, and enrich your food with additional nutrients.

Move every day

Restricting yourself to a strict exercise routine is not the best way to start the new year. Instead, find time to enjoy movement and all its benefits, making it a healthy commitment. For example, take a nature walk, stretch during your workday, or dance in the kitchen while dinner is cooking. Make exercise as enjoyable as possible and minimize obstacles. Set a specific time of day, gather your workout gear, and start gradually, even with just three minutes or whatever suits you, advises Anna Tomkins.

Do something silly

"Becoming better means giving up all pleasures, so we often revert to old unhealthy habits. But you can redefine pleasure while still being a bit healthier (which often leads to greater happiness)," notes the specialist.

For example, fun and silliness release endorphins, the happiness hormone needed to feel better. Don't forget to relax and act a bit weird. Sing, dance, impersonate celebrities—anything you want, but make sure it's absurd.

Go to bed a bit earlier

It's not easy, especially considering our significant workload and other daily duties, but the benefit of more sleep is enormous. Turn on the bedtime mode on your phone and use this signal to find out when to go to bed. To make it easier to fall asleep, try to reduce screen time in the evening (blue light disrupts our sleep). Additionally, journaling before bed can be a good idea to give yourself a break and go to sleep with something positive.

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