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Two years later and 20 restaurants down, this is our official list. People always ask: What are the *best* chain restaurant menu items? Honestly, I've tried too many to count; they've all become a massive blur in my memory. So, to make your lives easier (and, selfishly, mine), I've made the official ranking of the best menu items at each restaurant I've visited. Buckle up y'all.

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Refreshing iced tea recipes to try this summer

Iced tea is a classic refreshing drink. It's easy to make, it tastes great, and it's budget-friendly. While many recipes call for sugar, you can always use a sweetener of your choice, or go without entirely. In this gallery, we've compiled a list of iced tea recipes for you to try this summer. Browse through and pick one to start with!

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Good on ya!

Americans best Aussies, Canucks when tackling chores Americans, Australians and Canadians share a language – though each nationality delivers it with drastically different accents and lingos all their own – but when it comes to who takes better care of their homes, one should be ‘chuffed.’ According to a new survey by Compare the Market , a home insurance company based in the Land Down Under, Americans tackled many specific chores more...

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AP Exclusive: Guerlain shows 'world's 1st lipstick'

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Work with your renovator to draw up a project plan that best accommodates your family’s needs Renovation projects often come with temporary disruptions to the homeowners’ space and routines. Some homeowners choose to live elsewhere during their renovations, but if you are like most people, you cannot easily vacate your home and must find ways to live alongside the work. Fortunately, there are ways to prepare, and communicating with your...

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16 best hair clippers for a professional buzz cut at home - If you've had enough of your unruly locks, give one of these corded and cordless hair clippers a try

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11 best outdoor lights to bring style into your garden, from solar to mains powered - From lanterns to solar-powered string lights, these will give your garden a glow up

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Romance isn't dead! Animals that mate for life

No matter how you feel about monogamy, there's no denying it: Animals who mate for life are awfully cute. Whether you look in the land, sea, or skies, the world is full of critters who stay faithful to their partners, often sharing parenting duties or engaging in elaborate courtship rituals. Call it love or call it biology— either way, it's a bond that will last these animals a lifetime.

30 Dinner Recipes For One That'll Make You Wish You Had Leftovers

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Modular furniture adds custom style to the home

U.S-based furniture brand Burrow was designed to bring function, form, and value to the category with built-to-last modular pieces. A burrow, by definition, is a space dug by a small animal, especially a rabbit, that serves as a safe and cozy dwelling . As such, it’s a good name for a furniture brand that launched just as a “cocooning” trend was taking off, and only a few years before COVID-19 kicked the instinct to nest into high gear....

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Cook This: Three croissant-centric recipes from Lune, the world-renowned Melbourne bakery

Our cookbook of the week is Lune by Kate Reid, director and founder of the Melbourne bakery of the same name. Read an interview with the author. Jump to the recipes: tiramisu, finger bun, and croissant ‘bread and butter’ pudding. Author Kate Reid, “obsessed” with all things dairy, names tiramisu as one of her favourite desserts. “From a young, young age, Dad got me absolutely hooked on cream and whipped cream. And I’m like, ‘What is this dessert...

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Sometimes it seems as though nothing is built to last any more, especially when culinary trends change and new gadgets come on the market all the time. But the hardest-working home chefs know just how important having a dependable appliance or cookware item can be. Click on to find out which “buy it for life” kitchen essentials will ultimately save you money and time.

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