What’s the best way to mark an important life event? 

A gift to yourself? Maybe a celebratory dinner with friends? Or perhaps a self-indulgent party?

Actually, it seems lots of us are marking these milestones with a trip away, according to new research.

Of course, this very idea is not completely new. It’s existed in the form of honeymoons and, more recently, babymoons for years – but experts say that more and more people are booking holidays to mark other life events now, too.

In fact, ‘milestone-moons’ are fast-becoming a top travel trend for this year, with four particular occasions proving the most popular: new jobs, 30th birthdays, new houses and mini-moons (a smaller and less expensive version of a honeymoon).

According to data by Inspiring Travel, more individuals than ever before are searching for holidays to celebrate a new job, with searches rising by 546% over the last month.

Likewise, searches for ‘birthday-moon’ have risen by 14% in the past month. In particular, searches for ‘thirty-moon’ have increased by a whopping 75%.

While ‘mini-moons’ are nothing new (peaking in searches back in June 2017), there’s been a recent resurgence of interest. With more than 28 million views on TikTok for #minimoon over the past month, searches in these shorter post-marriage trips have risen by 19%.

Similarly, Google trend data shows that over the past month searches for ‘new home-moon’ have risen by 4%.

Following a restrictive pandemic, it’s clear the concept of treating ourselves for our achievements is as good excuse as any to book those bucket list holidays.

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