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I used to think there were “shorts people” and “non-shorts people,” and that I was firmly one of the latter. Denim cutoffs (while great for everyday wear, festival style, and summer holidays) usually end up giving me front-to-back wedgies, and can make me feel too exposed. Denim Bermuda shorts, despite offering more coverage, feel like sausage casings for thighs and remind me of restrictive school days when the fingertip-length rule still applied. So to save myself the discomfort, I’ve usually opted for skirts, dresses, and full-length jeans instead. 

That was until I discovered this summer’s latest trend: jorts. Yes, Y2K fashion is back again, this time in the form of the long jean shorts that were once relegated to skater boys and Eminem. With hems ranging from knee to calf-length, menswear brands first revived the style last summer, and by way of this year’s TikTok-fuelled “eclectic grandpa” aesthetic, jorts have since found their way into womenswear, too. 

On the spring/summer 2024 runways, Baum Und Pferdgarten debuted knee-length jorts with ribbon stitching, while Kenzo displayed two brilliantly oversized, calf-length pairs. When Billie Eilish wore jorts onstage at this year’s Coachella my initial response was, as with the most controversial trends, a visceral resistance — but eventually the ease and versatility of jorts won me over. 

Since then, I’ve been firmly on the bandwagon. Jorts’ loose fit solves my comfort issues with both Daisy Dukes and classic Bermudas, while an easy pairing with tight-fit tops can give them a flattering edge. Available in various washes and degrees of distress, brands like Gap, Reformation, Mother and Damson Madder are now spinning out their own versions of the Adam Sandler-approved summer staple. 

When I found my perfect pair recently — Ksubi’s Low Rider Subway shorts — I unknowingly injected my summer wardrobe with levels of fun and versatility like never before. From a theater matinée look (pairing my jorts with a blazer and boots), to a bodysuit and sneakers look for the office, scroll on below for five of my favorite jorts looks for summer. 

How To Style Jorts: Double Denim

A matching denim look will always meet the mark when you’re unsure how to wear your jean separates. I paired this patchwork denim shirt with my jorts for a put-together look that, in reality, took less than 10 seconds to build. You can also pair your jorts with a denim jacket, trench coat, or waistcoat — but more on that later. 

How to Style Jorts: Waistcoat & Boots

These days, western fashion is always on my mind. Thank you, Beyoncé. Jorts are a great companion to waistcoats, and I took the cowgirl look one step further with my vintage snake print boots. Swap out the boots for sneakers or even heels for a different vibe. 

How To Style Jorts: Crop Top & Heels

As a former non-shorts person, I never thought I’d see the day where I’d wear denim shorts for a date night or night out. But turns out, jorts can be dressed up with ease — just add heels and a crop top. I also like to accessorize with loads of jewelry and the right handbag, too. 

How To Style Jorts: Blazer & Boots

I wore this outfit to see a play on the West End, and not only did it feel like a summer power suit, it was comfortable, too. To keep warm on a cooler day, I layered with an oversized blazer, and added tall boots for extra coverage. This outfit got loads of compliments. 

How To Style Jorts: Bodysuit & Sneakers

While a bodysuit with denim cutoffs may feel restrictive, a bodysuit with jorts is just extra cosy and covered. Nothing was at risk of being exposed (ideal since I was at the office) and I legitimately felt like I could go for a run in this outfit. Win, win. 

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