Heading north on Friday afternoon is tough enough. So why add a wardrobe change to the mix? To count as essential for cottagers, clothing needs to go from the city to the lake with ease, no matter how busy the highway is.

So to make the trip easy—and to save you from packing extra—we partnered with Northern Reflections to share our favourite in-season wardrobe picks that coast from hectic weekdays to relaxing weekends.

Stylish shorts and skorts

Finding shorts that can go from a city office to a sunny dock is no small feat—especially if you want them to be comfortable and durable enough for anything a cottage weekend can throw at you. To find the right balance, we look for three qualities. First, they have to have enough length to look professional while still keeping us cool. We also look for functional front pockets. And of course, they need enough stretch that we can hop out of the boat without splitting anything.

Our top pick: With their longer inseams and deep pockets, Bermuda shorts take us from the office to the lake with ease. The Microsand Bermuda Short from Northern Reflections has a soft, sanded finish with plenty of stretch, and the functional pockets mean we won’t be digging through slimy underwater weeds for a dropped boat key. 

Flowy casual dresses

The perfect summer dress is a staple for both the city and the lake, and we’ll always fall for the breezy comfort of a flowy fit. But for any dress to truly fit the casual vibe of a cottage weekend, we recommend patterns inspired by the nature that surrounds us. And of course, we prefer durable fabrics that won’t flinch at a little time outdoors.

Our top pick: The Abstract Floral Wrap Dress from Northern Reflections is a weekend must for lunch in town. The fitted top with a hint of stretch flows into a flattering A-line, and the bold print is as summery as a double scoop of Moose Tracks from your favourite ice cream shop.

Active tops and hoodies

Even in the early days of summer, savvy layering is the key to gliding from chilly mornings to balmy afternoons—and from frigid office AC to sun-soaked patios. So whether you’re stuck in the city or sipping the day’s first coffee on the dock, a stylish hoodie or simple quarter zip can make all the difference. Especially when paired with a printed polo or long-sleeve top.   

Our top pick: There’s no better way to contend with Canadian weather fluctuations than a versatile hoodie, and with its soft, lightweight French terry, the Long Sleeve Zip-Up Hoodie from Northern Reflections offers the perfect balance of function and fitted style.

Iconic spring styles

If you’re hot off the heels of a meeting and you absolutely must change into something more suitable for the weekend, there’s no better feeling than pulling a comfy sweatshirt over your head. But not just any sweatshirt will do. Life at the lake demands fleece that’s as durable as it is cozy.

Our top pick: There’s a reason why every cottager’s closet contains well-loved loon-logo sweats. And the new Iconic Loon Logo Sweatshirt from Northern reflections pairs the throwback style with a modern, relaxed fit. Wear it with the Iconic Logo Cuffed Sweatpant, and you may never leave your reading nook again.

Lightweight jackets and vests

Opening weekend is almost here, but summer still feels farther away than the marina when you’re just leaving the city on Friday. Thankfully, those chilly mornings and nights mean we still get to embrace layers, so our favourite jean jackets and quilted vests are still in season.

Our top pick: We love rolling up our sleeves and rolling into the weekend with the Northern Reflections’ Faux Leather Barn Jacket. Its soft faux leather and comfortable knit backing make it a wardrobe essential for the city, cottage, and beyond.

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