Micron Technology Inc's news sentiment is trending bullish, click here to see more

Micron Technology Inc's news sentiment is trending bullish, click here to see moreMicron Technology Inc's news sentiment is trending bullish, click here to see moreMicron Technology Inc's news sentiment is trending bullish, click here to see moreMicron Technology Inc's news sentiment is trending bullish, click here to see moreMicron Technology Inc'...

How the prom dress evolved through the years

For many, prom is the ultimate teenage experience of grand romantic gestures and end-of-year celebrations. But let's be real: in reality, it's all about the dress. And just like all things fashion, prom styles come and go, following trends that defined their decade. From satin dresses to rockin' ruffles, maybe you wore one of these to prom! Click through the following gallery to discover how prom dresses have changed over the years.

10 Different LGBTQ2S+ Pride Flags and the Meaning Behind Them

Have you ever seen a Pride flag and wondered what it means? While the Rainbow Pride Flag (which has since been updated to the Progress Pride Flag) has been around for quite some time, some of the other flags are much newer and may not be as recognizable. Each of these distinct colourful flags represent […] The post 10 Different LGBTQ2S+ Pride Flags and the Meaning Behind Them appeared first on Slice.

The 20 best non-breakfast uses for eggs

The incredible edible egg is a staple of breakfast across the globe, but eggs offer plenty of options for meals later in the day as well. Here are 20 of our favorite non-breakfast uses for eggs.

The scariest creatures in the Bible

The Bible is full of crazy creatures, some of them quite horrific! Sure, we're familiar with some of them, but others are not quite as we imagine them. For instance, if you think cherubim are cute and chubby baby angels, think again. And if you think the first beast of the Book of Revelation was scary, wait until you learn more about the second beast! Click through the following gallery and discover the scariest creatures in the Bible.

This Luxury Vitamin C Serum Is Glow Goals

If you’ve tried one vitamin C serum, you’ve tried them all, right? Wrong. Even though it’s my job to test out products, I’ll admit that I’ve basically lost count of the vitamin C serums that are bright orange in color and artificially citrusy in scent. After a while, they were sort of all the same to me. That’s not to say that I don’t believe in vitamin C as an ingredient. Quality formulations very much exist — I just think that it’s tricky to...

‘Love Is Blind’ Reveals Season 3 Cast In New Preview

The new crop of singles has arrived. On Wednesday, Netflix revealed the full cast for season 3 of “Love is Blind”, hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey and premiering Oct. 19. “Singles who want to be loved for who they are have signed up for a less conventional approach to modern dating in Dallas, and

20 essential tips for DIY manicures

Flip through the gallery for 20 essential tips on how to have your best-looking nails ever.

Kate Middleton Says She Felt ‘Big Pressure’ Choosing Names For Prince George, Princess Charlotte And Prince Louis

Kate Middleton is sharing some of her parenting woes. The Princess of Wales visited the maternity unit of the Royal Surrey County Hospital on Wednesday where she empathized with new moms about the pressures of motherhood. Looking back at her own pregnancies, she recalled the stress she felt picking names for her new children. “She

25 Just-Right Jackets To Layer Up With In Cooler Weather

Summer's great and all, but after a couple months when the heat is raging and you're trudging through the humid air, it's normal to find yourself craving the crisp, cool weather and all the glory it holds. Lo and behold, fall weather has finally shown up and she's brought all her favorites with her such as cardigan sweaters and boots. However, we can't forget the beloved autumnal fashion classic: the jacket. Jackets (not to be confused with...

The 13 Smartest Buys From The Container Store

You’re reading an On-Site Shopping story — meaning you can browse, add to cart, and actually purchase the product recommendations featured in this slideshow without leaving Refinery29. To learn more about our new native checkout feature, click here.Perhaps it's the color-coordinated display of hangers or the abundance of huge plastic storage bins, but The Container Store feels like a home shopping sanctuary for refined adults. Inspired by the...

Word Power: Can You Match These Tricky Terms With Their Definitions?

Centuries of trade between Middle Eastern and European merchants brought more than silks and spices to the West. Find out how many of these words are in your vocabulary. The post Word Power: Can You Match These Tricky Terms With Their Definitions? appeared first on Reader's Digest Canada.

Of Course Carrie Bradshaw Carries a Pigeon Bag in "And Just Like That" Season 2

If anyone can make JW Anderson's pigeon clutch feel wearable, it's Carrie Bradshaw.

A Week In Richmond, VA, On A $48,000 Salary

Welcome to Money Diaries where we are tackling the ever-present taboo that is money. We’re asking real people how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we’re tracking every last dollar. Today: an administrative assistant who makes $48,000 per year and spends some of her money this week on vet bills for her horse. Occupation: Administrative Assistant Industry: Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Age: 26 Location: Richmond,...

The Best Places to See Fall Colours Across Canada

When it comes to fall colours, Canada puts on a show like no other. Here are the best places to watch the leaves change across the country. The post The Best Places to See Fall Colours Across Canada appeared first on Reader's Digest Canada.

Discover your zodiac sign's power color

Different colors carry different energy, and certain colors can unpredictably bring out so much in a person. They can enhance your confidence, calm any restless or unused energy, empower your strength, and many more amazing things. But is there a relationship between colors and your zodiac sign? Yes! Take a look through this gallery to discover your zodiac sign's power color. Inspired by

Rev’It! Releases The Component H2O Pants As Wet Weather Approaches

Cordura, a Hydratex membrane, and ventilation zips make these trousers ready for all Fall weather.

This Treatment Can Be as Effective as Meds in Battling Depression

It's also proven helpful in treating substance use disorders, anger issues and eating disorders. The post This Treatment Can Be as Effective as Meds in Battling Depression appeared first on Reader's Digest Canada.

It’s Kate Winslet and Jesse Eisenberg’s birthday!

How old are these celebrities?

Naomi Watts Reveals She Was Told Her Acting Career Was Over At 40: ‘You Are Not Sexy’

Naomi Watts is opening up about being an older woman in Hollywood. The actress broke out into mainstream success with David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive” in 2001 at the age of 33, a feat she was told was incredible in Hollywood. “I was told [taps an imaginary watch], ‘You better get a lot done because it’s

Hilarious responses to 'how are you' that are way better than 'fine'

The question “How are you?” can be so pure on its own, but over time and extensive use it has become something of a mindless greeting, often met with the equally mindless response, “I’m fine, and you?” Sometimes that response comes from feeling that the other person isn't looking for a real answer, and sometimes it's because people don't want to go around telling just anyone how they really are. But if you're not interested in telling the truth, then instead of blasé interactions you can still subvert people’s expectations and give them a response that they’ll laugh about for days! Click through to see some of the wittiest, silliest, and cleverest responses to the ubiquitous question that will spice up your dreaded small talk.

Have We Fallen Out Of Love With French Skincare?

There was a time when you couldn’t scroll through Instagram without being bombarded by pictures of shelfies, each one groaning with serums, moisturizers, and other tinctures. You’d almost always spot cult buys from the likes of Drunk Elephant, Glossier, and Summer Fridays — but only the coolest of skincare hauls featured a handful of French brands. Perhaps it had something to do with the aesthetically-pleasing white tubes and dropper bottles,...

4 upgrades that dramatically increase your cottage’s value and comfort

Your cottage might be a refuge for summer relaxation, but with the current state of real estate in Canada, even the most humble and rustic lakeside retreat has the potential … Continued

Insane optical illusions that will make you wonder if you're seeing things

We use our vision everyday. But can we always trust what we see? These incredible optical illusions will have you rubbing your eyes and second guessing yourself! Click through this gallery and take a look at these mind-boggling images.

Loewe bowls over Paris Fashion Week; tribute to Miyake

PARIS (AP) — Loewe’s ever-creative director, Jonathan Anderson, became the toast of Paris Fashion Week on Friday with his subtly provocative, concept-driven runway show triumph that had critics and VIP guests, including Karlie Kloss and Alexa Chung, bowled over. Meanwhile, U.S. Vogue’s Anna Wintour announced that next year’s Met Gala in New York will be a homage to the late Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld. Here are some highlights of...

8 Things You Need To Know For October 5

Including how to stretch your dollar this Thanksgiving & a ridiculously dumb police chase.

Funny facts that will brighten your day

Did you know that mice are ticklish? Or that goats have accents? Or that the actors who voice Mickey and Minnie Mouse are actually married in real life? Learn about these happy facts, and many more, in the following gallery. Click through and try not to smile as you read these.

Paul McCartney shows his support for Stella McCartney at her show at Paris Fashion Week

Visit Your Favourite HGTV Canada Hosts at the Fall Home Show

Whether you want to create the ultimate outdoor oasis or finally build the spa-worthy bathroom you’ve been saving for, a visit to The Fall Home Show is the perfect place to help set you up for success. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn more about trusted local businesses and tips from the best […] The post Visit Your Favourite HGTV Canada Hosts at the Fall Home Show appeared first on HGTV Canada.

Let’s Ignore Kanye West & Put Some Respect On Gabriella Karefa-Johnson’s Name

Regardless of how much of a “creative genius” Kanye West believes himself to be, one thing is crystal clear: we really need to stop making excuses for his behavior. His latest antics took place at Paris Fashion Week during the last-minute exhibition of his Yeezy Season 9 collection. During the show, which started an hour and a half late — Kanye doesn’t do punctuality — he proudly showcased a statement t-shirt with the saying “White Lives Matter”...

Cancer: Your well being horoscope - October 06

Cancer: here are your well being predictions for the day October 06

Today's trending cryptocurrencies: 5 cryptos which are topping search charts.

Today's trending cryptocurrencies: 5 cryptos which are topping search charts.Today's trending cryptocurrencies: 5 cryptos which are topping search charts.Today's trending cryptocurrencies: 5 cryptos which are topping search charts.Today's trending cryptocurrencies: 5 cryptos which are topping search charts.Today's trending cryptocurrencies: 5 crypt...

Burn-Out Designs’ Graphics Kits Add A Splash Of Color To The Honda NT1100

Life with the Honda NT1100 needn’t be all white, black, and gray.

DIY Color Change: Here Are Some Solid Tips To Help You Vinyl Wrap Your Bike

Prep and patience are key to getting results that you'll love.

A look back at the best of Milan Fashion Week

Discover the spring/summer 2023 collections of the biggest brands presented at Milan Fashion Week.

18 fun & easy crafts you can try with children

Flip through the gallery for 20 easy craft ideas to do with your kids, most of which can be made with simple household items like toilet paper tubes, popsicle sticks, and tempera paint.

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I Worked At McDonald’s In Canada & These 7 Things Make The Staff Absolutely Hate You

I was not lovin' it.

I Just Spent 30 Days on the French Riviera: Here’s What I Learned

Travel has always been a core part of my personality, and as I navigate through my adult life, I want to make sure I take every opportunity I get to explore the world in all that it offers. So in September, I made a bold move. By the sheer will of my desire to see […] The post I Just Spent 30 Days on the French Riviera: Here’s What I Learned appeared first on Slice.

Is your cat a psychopath?

Autumn walking in the woods: the 6 benefits for body and mind

Autumn. A magical time has begun made up of forests that are tinged with new colors, from straw yellow to deep orange, and filled with scents, from that of resins to that of mushrooms. And it is precisely the changes typical of the period that make this season a perfect time to rediscover a connection with nature and to have an experience that can put body and spirit back in balance. A walk in the woods at this particular time of year reduces stress and restores inner peace. It strengthens the respiratory system. It reduces cortisol levels. It is a true color therapy session. It helps rediscover "wonder." Teaches how to "let go."

15 classic children's books to add to your library

Flip through the gallery for a guide to 15 essential children's books that should be in your library, from Dr. Seuss classics to introductory chapter books and so much more.

Paris Fashion Week: Kristen Stewart and Diane Kruger in the front row for Chanel

Many celebrities were present for the Chanel show during the Paris Fashion Week

Gisele Bündchen hires a lawyer to divorce Tom Brady

The former Victoria’s Secret model and supermodel Gisele Bündchen, wife of the famous Tom Brady, may not be any more for very long. Gisele Bündchen hired a specialized lawyer to handle her divorce! We had heard that the couple was starting to fall apart and it seems that Bündchen is definitely over it, according to […]

Parenting expert gives thumbs down to adult-child high-fives

To high-five or not to high-five? That is the question after a 74-year-old parenting columnist wrote in the Omaha World-Herald that adults shouldn’t high-five children because a child is not an adult’s equal, reports TODAY Parents . As you can imagine, his thoughts went viral with experts in the field disagreeing with John Rosemond, who wrote: “I will not slap the upraised palm of a person who is not my peer, and a peer is someone over age 21,...

Jaden Smith Wins Fashion Week in a Mirrored Crop Top at Louis Vuitton

That's a wrap on Paris Fashion Week and, in turn, Fashion Month overall.

Like it or Not, Bleached Eyebrows are Officially Back

Like many trends of the early aughts, what was once in style will eventually circle back around to be trendy again. From stardust eyeshadow to skinny eyebrows, the ’90s trends we all loved are fully back in style — so it was only a matter of time before bleached brows began taking over once more. […] The post Like it or Not, Bleached Eyebrows are Officially Back appeared first on Slice.

20 ways to become more productive

June 20 is World Productivity Day! Being productive is not the same as being busy, because being productive allows you to achieve your goals faster and have more time to yourself. Here are 20 productivity tips that will help you better manage your time at work and at home. With these tips in mind, remember the best tip is to do what works best for you.

The most jaw-dropping looks of Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes has walked Hollywood's red carpets for more than a decade and a half, but when it comes to her fashion choices, she hardly ever puts a foot wrong! The stylish Cuban-American star with that distinctive mole possesses that rare gift of being able to look radiant in pretty much any capacity, from a glamorous movie premiere to everyday grocery shopping. In this gallery, we've put together Eva Mendes' most jaw-dropping looks. Click on and enjoy!

Senior dog needs forever home

Leroy is looking for his forever home. Leroy is 12 and lives at Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in King City, about an hour’s drive north of Toronto. He’s been there for seven years. He’s a big dog, a shepherd mix, and he was brought here from an overcrowded shelter in Miami, Florida. Leroy’s situation is unusual enough that he was featured recently in People Magazine. Stephanie Munro, a dog handler with Dog Tales, described to that publication...