Once you establish which room it goes in, then the fun starts

The coffee break, a ritual that once was reserved for the staffroom or local Starbucks, has now become routine at home.

With so many people working from home, creating a coffee station has become a necessity for many.

But finding the space is a challenge especially in today’s new micro-condo kitchens.

I’ve come up with a few ways to creatively brew in other areas around the house — which keeps your coffee within reach, and saves money (and time) because you’re not running to your local café. Cheers to creating a stylish space to help you with the daily grind.


The first thing to consider is who will be using your coffee station. Do you share with someone else therefore it needs to be in a central location? Or do you work alone?

If you work out of a corner in your bedroom then you can create a small coffee station close by. If you’re sharing, then choose a central room like the corner of a dining area or hallway.

Once you establish what room it goes in, then the fun starts. If placing your coffee station in a hallway or the living room, add a shallow bookcase on an empty wall space filling it with machines, favourite mugs, etc.

If creating a café in a more private area, like a bedroom, set up a sturdy tray table or bar cart in a corner. Placing the machine and accessories on a carry tray will keep everything in order.


One of the most important things in a coffee station is the machine that serves you well. What kind of coffee drinks do you prefer while working or entertaining at home?

Do you like frothy lattes, good strong black coffee, or short, quick espressos? If you are sharing your coffee station with somebody else, you may need a machine which can make a few different drinks.

A brewer that will please all at-home office workers (and dinner guests) is the TrueBrew from DeLonghi ($599) which boasts a built-in burr grinder that serves up perfectly ground beans for up to six different sized beverages and five brew styles such as light, bold espresso style and more.

It even features an over-ice option for those of us that like a cold coffee during the warmer months. Bonus: the TrueBrew packs the used grounds into disposable pucks that can be discarded or repurposed for sustainable efforts such as composting.

There’s no pods or filters to throw away — a great bonus when your brewer is located outside the kitchen.


These days, there’s just not enough room in a small kitchen on the countertop to contain the milk frother, espresso machine, canisters and other accessories.

To create harmony between the at-home coffee shop you’ve set up in another area of your home and your home’s decor, choose stylish accessories that match your decor.

It’s easy to choose complementary cups and linens, but a little more difficult to do when most coffee makers are available in either black or bright red.

Enter the Canadian-made Swan Nordic Pump Espresso Coffee Machine ($250), which I award the prettiest machine on the market, that is available in grey or white.

But it’s more than its good looks — with 15 bars of pressure, this coffee machine offers high performance, has a large 1.2 litre water tank (about 2-3 days’ worth of water) and can make 2 cups at the same time.

Style tip: from a bookshelf to a bar cart, ensure the style and colours of your furnishings, machine and accessories blend into your room’s overall look. Who knows, you may start decorating your at-home café and forget you are even working from home.

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